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A New System to Deepen Your Medical Knowledge. Score well on Internal and External Exams

Get the grades you want with an intense high-yield review session to improve your problem-solving skills.

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Christopher Williams

The best thing is that I actually learnt the material and didn’t have to stress about remembering. Couldn’t have gotten these scores without you!

Ava Robertson

Thanks again for all your help! Medical school has been so easy since we’ve done our sessions!  I’m literally cruising through my classes, and am glad that I actually know the material without having to swat!

Alfred Duncan

The team at First Step are gifted teachers with a very thorough understanding of the material, and have steadily built my knowledge base to a level where I remain confident that I will be able to succeed in Step I exams. I would highly recommend to all students that they take advantage of this tremendous resource!

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Get rapid feedback on your performance and readiness based on our targeted quizzes and assessments. Strengthen your weaknesses, fill the knowledge gaps and outperform yourself on the exams.

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Performance Coaching

Group Tutor Sessions - Live and Recorded

Learn from some of the best tutors and colleagues with live discussions during our learning sessions. Additionally, have the convenience of going at your own pace and rewatch recorded sessions.

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24/7 WhatsApp Group Support

Get 24/7 access to a support team of tutors and administrators to help you 

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Performance Coaching

Personally learn from some of the top USMLE performers, 260+, on the principles they use to overachieve. Learn how to improve your thinking with fast feedback after assessments.

Live & Recorded Group

Tutor Sessions

Learn from the best tutors in our Zoom interactive live sessions. Can’t Make it? On-call? Want to go through it on your own time? No problem, get access to the live recording and watch it as many times as needed, at your own convenience. Never miss another session.

24/7 Support

Get an immersive experience with learning from highly committed and motivated colleagues who are holding each other accountable to a schedule and pushing towards weekly improvement.


Know exactly what you need to score well and deepen your knowledge with our roadmap: A detailed schedule to disambiguate the path ahead. Learn all the pitfalls and shortcuts without the pain and wasted time, energy and money of trial and error. Know exactly where you are going and what's needed from the very start.


Time, energy and funding are limited, don’t waste it re-inventing the wheel. Save your resources by getting access to highly curated content and guidance that will save you months of study compared to doing it on your own.


Learn how to think and not what to think. We give you the compass to find your true north. Learn fundamental principles of thinking and medicine as a framework to hang your knowledge. This is critical in your journey to becoming a standout candidate in order to secure a successful career in medicine.

A Learning System That Significantly Outperforms Self-Study*

What we include:

Pricing Plans

Choose the program that best fits your need.

Take your preparation to the next level with live tutoring and performance coaching.

  • 6 month program

  • Roadmap

  • Playbook

  • Recorded Learning Sessions

  • Live Tutor Sessions

  • Performance Coaching

  • 24/7 Support

Masterclass Program(s)


per month

Prepare for your internal exams with a high-yield review session,

  • One 90-minute review session

  • Intense High-Yield Material

  • In-chat Q&A

  • Two tutors - double the knowledge!

Marathon Review


per class

Past and Current Students

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