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Confidence in your US Residency Application.

Get the insider insights needed to stand out from the crowd. Introducing our application preparation program designed to best position your application with a reviewed personal statements, CV and mock interviews.

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Highly Curated Consultation from Top Graduates on the Application Strategies that Got Them Matched.

After learning where you want to go and where you currently are, we give you a roadmap of the steps you need to take. Get the highly curated blueprint. A compilation of all the strategies and tips on the short, easiest and cost-effective way to sit the exams.


Statement Edits

Understand where you and the expectations of the journey to a US Residency match with our GAP Analysis

CV Revision

Save you the time of creating your own map and learning the terrain from trial and error. There are so many sources of information and misinformation. It's difficult to know who and what to trust

Mock Interviews

Get critique on your interview skills and work out those jitters. Learn the verbal and no-verbal cues interviewers are looking for in standout candidates.

General Advising

Understand where you and the expectations of the journey to a US Residency match with our GAP Analysis

Past and Current Students

Pricing Plans

Choose the program that best fits your need.

Perfect for students who want to add the finishing touches to their US Residency Application.

  • 4 Total consultation hours (save $250)

  • 1 Hr General Advising

  • 1 Mock Interview

  • 1 CV Review

  • 1 Personal Statement Edit




Perfect for students who need fundamental help in crafting the components of their application.

  • 10 Total consultation hours

  • 3 Hrs General Advising

  • 3 Mock Interviews

  • 2 CV Reviews

  • 2 Personal Statement Edits



Perfect for students who want to take things one step at a time. Go at your own pace and book 1 hour to be used towards general advising or something specific towards your application

  • 1 Consultation hour to be applied to either:

    • General Advising

    • Mock Interview

    • CV Review

    • Personal Statement Edit



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